Mishikoonz in Oregon



....A few pictures of where we'll be living



A yurt with a two car garage! Quite a change from our urban home in Dallas, for sure... But not as far out in the wilderness as we've been before. Believe it or not, there's a Walmart seven miles away!


From the Road below The yurt house from the road below

Riochama T The greenhouse from the road below

The Greenhouse and House The greenhouse with the house behind (taken from the garden)

The Koi pond The Koi pond from the deck of the house

Riochama T The greenhouse and the rest of the garden (maybe the boy's summer house??)

Living roomThe living room

Kitchen areaKitchen

Living roomFront entry

The MountainsCharity, Hope and Faith (The Three Sisters)... From the deck of the yurt





































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The Tree