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New Webdesign will never end!

demoWho knew updating a website could take so long? Will it ever end?? Dreamweaver is an amazing program, no complaints there...our lack of completion is entirely due to the weak link: the human involved!

Updated: December 2013


Cinnamon visits Oklahoma!

Baby CinnamonMishikoonz' up and coming princess, Miss Cinnamon Trails T, is currently spending some quality time with her co-owner, Kathryn Queen, being introduced to the world of show cats. Showing a female Maine coon is always harder than a male, because even though the standard instructs judges to give allowance for the size difference, most still choose the larger cat. Good luck, Cinnamon! I know you'll miss your buddy Logan, but be a good girl for Kathryn.

Updated: November, 2013

Health Updates:

HCM results!

Color doppler heart sonoOn October 28, MiniMina, Logan and Rosetta were HCM scaned at Oregon State Vet Clinic. In Maine coons, while there is a genetic test for HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy), some genetically negative cats can still have heart disease, so it's important for Maine coons to also be monitored with ultrasound exams. I'm delighted to report they passed with flying colors-- wonderful news!

Updated: October 2013

Around the cattery: Yet another year!


Mishi's blog

MishikoonHi, I'm Mishi......and yes, this is MY cattery!

Don't be fooled by the whole illusion of humans-in-charge... if you look close, you'll see that it's just that cats have delegated the authority. After all, we have better things to do than earn a living or clean up after ourselves!Garryanna house

That being said, a cat is obligated to help out once in a while by going along with what the humans decide. But boy, it seems like once change begins, it never ends! I can't believe we have yet another new home! WHAT is wrong with these humans?? Can they not stay in one place for any length of time? Well, at least we still live in Oregon-- I just hope they leave us cats here in Corvallis when they go visit the yurthouse out in Redmond! That drive over the mountains may be scenic, but I prefer a litter box that doesn't sway!

Cari's blog

December 12, 2013

Yet another move! At the end of the summer, Peter was offered a permanent job by the company he'd been doing contract work for in Corvallis. Winter in Corvallis

We weighed the options. Should Pete continue to commute, being home only on weekends or should I uproot myself and the cattery yet again? My heart is in central Oregon, in sight of the mountains I so love...but Pete is even more precious to me. I kitten in windowmissed living like a normal couple, and in September, we moved to Corvallis.

I'm happily surprized at how much I like it here. I work for a hospital again just a mile down the road from our house. The kitties, too, took the upheaval in stride, and while they may miss thier outdoor runs, huge windows that overlook trees full of squirrels and birds help make the loss bearable. (Along with the promise that we'll work something out in the spring to get them some fresh air). In winter, when the temperature plummets and the ground turns white, even a fluffy coon is happy to have a warm home!


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