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demoWho knew updating a website could take so long? Will it ever end?? Dreamweaver is an amazing program, no complaints there...our lack of completion is entirely due to the weak link: the human involved!

Updated: October 2016


First US Grand Champion Poly!

Cat in the HatIn May of 2015, after 10 years of strife within the Maine Coon Breed Section of The International Cat Association (TICA), polydactyl Maine Coons were FINALLY approved to be shown in Championship alongside their non-poly peers. I am delighted to present the first Grand Champion Maine Coon Polydactyl in the United States! Mishikoonz Kearsarge Pass, aka Cat-in-the-Hat.

Updated: October, 2016

Health Updates:

Scanning for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy)

April 2017 scans for Jumper, MiniMina, Morgan, Iawatha, Glacier and visiting boy LAPD Shaft were ALL CLEAR!! Thank you so much, Dr. William Rausch, for running this private "HCM clinic" for Mishikoonz! In Maine coons, even though there is a genetic test for HCM, some genetically negative cats can still have heart disease, so it's very important that Maine coons in breeding programs are also monitored with color doppler ultrasound exams.

Updated: May 2017

Around the cattery: Sad Times, Happy Times!


All things must end.

With incredible sorrow, I have retired Mishi's last blog to the archives of what will always be HIS website. On April 3, 2017, we said our final farewell to Koontucky Sterling Sky, my Mishikat. Mishi was my first pedigreed Maine coon-- never a breeding boy, but the inspiration and namesake of my cattery. In his younger years, he taught my kittens what it was to be a Maine coon and later, how to respect their elders. He was always the meeter-greeter of our home, the alpha boy of the cattery, and our forever love. I miss him with all my heart.

(See you on the other side, sweet Mishi-- keep those kittens in line!)



Hi, I'm Mishi......and yes, this is MY cattery!

Don't be fooled by the whole illusion of humans-in-charge... if you look close, you'll see that it's just that cats have delegated the authority. After all, we have better things to do than earn a living or clean up after ourselves

Cari's blog

October 8, 2017

Fall has always been a time of introspection for me. For the cattery, this is traditionally when I plan the next year's breedings, decide who will retire, and whether "new blood" will be needed.

This year is particularly poignant. There is no Mishi on my desk to step on the wrong key and erase my breeding plans (to let me know that starting over is a good thing!) No Mishi to distract me, to make my tasks both harder and more entertaining... but this year, I NEED his help.Pete and Mina

I am feeling so many emotions from our current events that breeding plans seem frivolous. Destruction everywhere, from Texas to Puerto Rico, widening divisions that seem impossible to bridge. Who cares who I breed when 58 people are dead and there are 500+ wounded who are simply grateful to be alive?

Mini-Mina is usually my husband's cat-- the "other woman"... but today she pushes papers off my desk and head-butts to let me know that I need to finish my plans and be done with it. She really needs a petting...and now!

The truth is that life goes on. We mourn those missing... and make breeding plans, because the future will not wait.

I'm grateful for Mina's demands. I can do nothing to bring Mishi back or to fix the pain of those affected by our current events... but this one life, I can make happy with such a simple thing. I finish my work, let go of the past, and pet Mini-Mina 'til she purrs so loud that her happiness infects me. Life goes on.

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