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Mishikoonz has three (sort of) male Maine coons. First (always first!) is the Mishikat. Mishi was my first pedigreed Maine coon, and even though he's never had a kitten of his own, he remains the alpha cat in the boy's room.

Next is Iawatha, Mishikoonz' current stud. This stunningly handsome boy is from Beyrouth cattery in the Czech Republic. The first time I saw the Beyrouth cats, I wanted one-- SO typey, SO beautiful! But typey and beautiful are not enough when you're looking for a breeding cat. Health matters. The reputation of the breeder matters. So... I checked around. Amazingly, Youssef Khaled had it all... I can not thank him enough for trusting me with one of his beautiful babies.

And last, but not least, is Mishikoonz Jack-O-Lantern, our homegrown showboy who will be helping with the stud duties now that he has finished the show season. Jack is the number one Maine coon in CFA's gulf shore region, and number four nationally for 2012-2013. I could not be more proud, and many thanks to Kathryn Queen and her son Steve for making this happen!

Photo of Jack-O-Lantern is by Helmi!

Mishikoonz Morena TThe Mishikat: Koontucky Sterling Sky

Iawatha Sky Beyrouth of MishikoonzIawatha Sky Beyrouth of Mishikoonz

Mishikoonz Jack-O-Lantern Mishikoonz Jack-O-Lantern



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